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Welcome to the Online Music News website. We aim to promote awareness of Online Music News and provide you with the very latest information and links regarding the matter. One of the biggest worries for anyone with a new music release entering the market is the undeniable influence of record label agents who only push popular and well-known bands on the press. These bands, with the influence of big record labels behind them, have the advantage of the almost infinitely deep pockets of their backers to promote their music, and most music news providers are heavily influenced by this and so always prefer to give column inches and to push those artists over others, regardless of the quality of the actual releases. Further to this, there are many music news provider who simply have bad taste, as a result of a lack of genuine interest in the subject or a poor understanding of what good music actually is. The consequence of this is a stream of average releases being passed on to consumers who are unfortunately all to easily influenced by the recommendations of the populist music press.

While a dedication to quality and a genuine integrity amongst music news reporters is guaranteed to add real value to the music industry, what is also required is a sea change in the way that music news is funded and the way in the way that music news editorial decisions are in order to ensure that more quality artists get the airtime and column inches that their work deserves. This will ensure that more and more people will go and see these talented artists and buy their music, meaning they will be rewarded for their creative output, and there might be a subsequent increase in the level of quality in the output of the music industry as a whole, which would be a welcome change. We would be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding Online Music News.

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